COMING: Spring 2007 From Pluto Press
Imaginary Futures: From Thinking Machine to Global Village

By Dr. Richard Barbrook

Author and University of Westminster lecturer Dr. Richard Barbrook, debuts his latest literary work to worldwide audiences this Spring. Imaginary Futures demonstrates how politics influenced the way this powerful tool is controlled today and calls upon all who are cyber-connected to use the Internet for taking revolutionary politics into their own hands, to create a more positive future. Anyone who uses the Internet should read this book because it is:

• Brilliantly researched
• Politically radical
• Funny

Barbrook challenges new generations to take the power of the Internet into their own hands, to resist status quo politics and to use the world’s most powerful political tool to shape their own, better, destiny. His message: if we don’t want the future to be what it used to be, we must invent our own, improved and truly revolutionary future.

“There is an urban guerrilla feeling and tone to this book with an ambitious message to point out. It is fantastically radical, because it reminds us of what could have been and what may still happen…Many Net writers adopt an a-political stance, but Richard shows it is the opposite – and that the most important political issues of our time are tied into the Net.? –Simon Schaffer, Cambridge University Professor and BBC Presenter

Imaginary Futures Depicts The Atomic Age
Beautifully designed by Sacha Davison Lunt, and illustrated by artist Alex Veness, Imaginary Futures captures the fashionable kitsch of the 1950s and 1960s Atomic Age ideals, alongside the politics of the leading inventors, philosophers and pop culture leaders of this era. Imaginary Futures is both radically inspiring and collectable.

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